This application works well on Chrome, quite well on Firefox, but textareas doesn't work in Edge. Youtube video:
coordinates_fixed: (N E H pointname)

coordinates_free: (N E H pointname)

horizontal obs: (from to gon)

distance in map projection plane:
(from to distance)

read data above and
  iteration: 0
matrixes: A L P x v Q err.ellips

horiz. angle obs. 2 mgon
distance obs. 3 mm
JSON textarea:
show project in:JSON
get project from:JSON

  Welcome to my online surveying application. The page is designed with Google Chrome while it's in full screen modus, as you get when you hit the F11 button when the browser is active. This version can handle adjustment computations with distances in the map projection plane. If you have slope distances you must first convert them to the plane.

This is a free and opensource project. If you are interested in this application and further development for your needs, you may contact me on email

2017 january 30